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Warren Markowitz ' Main Principles - Educational Autonomy, Economic Growth, & Smaller Government!

Limited Government, Individual Autonomy, and Fiscal Responsibilities are the pillars upon which the American Dream is built. Progressive government has pushed the boundaries of government to a point in which our communities, our States are no longer the directors of the American Experiment. I believe that we have not lost our goals but our way, and during my tenure as your representative, it is my goal to work towards reducing government, balancing the budget and returning decision making back to the people and the states. American is an experiment, and idea and an ideal that is for all that wish to be a part of the Greatest Social Experiment ever undertaken.

Warren's Plans while in Washington


Eliminating educational interference from the Federal Government, returing decisions, goals and direction to the states and the local districts. Everyone wins when we advance our needs and educational systems in step with our local and state wide goals. Education is to celebrate excellence, develop creative environments and for the nurturing of young minds. Proper funding, increased levels of autonomy and school choice are my legislative goals while in office.

Economic Growth

Taxes, fees, regulations, these have all expanded to a point that business supports government, not the employees and those that risked their capital and time to develop the business. Reducing or eliminating these impediments to economic growth and development are among my goals when in office in Washington.

Illegal Immigration

My plan for dealing with Illegal Immigration is simple. First, stop the flow through people and good old fashioned American know how to build physical and technological barriers that monitor and restrict access in areas that are used and may be used to facilitate the flow of illegals. Finally, we address the existing population currently here. The courts have nearly a 20 year back log if each and every illegal is given their day in court. This is unacceptable and must be addressed. In addition we must deal with the idea of Anchor Babies and the concept that two illegal aliens can produce a citizen, an abuse of the Constitution that we hold so dear.
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